Call of the Dragon is Going Live November 7th!

CotD 3This is it. The culmination of tons of blood, sweat and tears… okay, not so much blood, but you get the picture. Call of the Dragon is going live on Amazon on November 7th. It’s been such a long road, that it seems almost impossible that it’s actually happening. With the help of some amazing friends and authors, I think I finally have all my ducks in a row and am ready for the big launch of my Return to Avalore Series.

For anyone who hasn’t read the prequel to this story yet, Flickering Light is still available for purchase as part of the Love Is… anthology that was released in August, or you can subscribe to my newsletter over to the right of your screen for a free copy. Proceeds from the anthology go to charity, so feel free to pick it up on

Right on the heels of Call of the Dragon, Rise of the Phoenix will be set free on November 21st, then hopefully followed by yet another, yet unnamed (yeah, I have to get on that) release early in December. Whew!  The Return to Avalore series is shaping up quite nicely. Once these three stories are out in the wild, I’ll be plowing forward with the third full length due to come out early 2015. What a crazy ride this has been so far, but such an enjoyable one.

I think after all that hard work, I deserve to pamper myself a little. Maybe I will have a drink (or 10) and kick my feet up, or treat myself to a massage or mani/pedi, oh a trip to the salon would be nice… nah, who am I kidding? I have more words to be written, more pages to be edited, and more hair to be pulled out.


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