Who’s ready for my new Sassy Ever After release, Candy Sass?

Who’s ready to get Sassy??

Candy Sass is now live!! I’ve been beside myself trying to contain my excitement for this release!

Candy Sass TClap

What do you get when you mix a sexy wolf shifter who happens to love everything to do with motorcycles, and a badass biker chick who loves candy?

A whole lot of sexy goodness!

Candy Sass, part of Milly Taiden’s Sassy Ever After Kindle World, is book two in the Sugar Shack series! The story can be read on its own and if a complete story with its own happily ever after, but if you want to check out book one, Northern Sass, here is the link.

Check out this little sneak peak into Candy Sass!

Rylee took a deep breath. Might as well be ready with a killer smile. She’d stand a better chance if she softened the guy up right from the start. Tugging her helmet off, she shook out her hair, letting the long strands free, before hanging her helmet on the handle. She caressed the cool bike like a lover playing her man’s body. Her fingers stroked the pink fuel tank before sliding over the soft leather seat, still warm from where she’d been straddling it moments before. From what she could tell, it hadn’t suffered any damage during that wild ride.

“Care to tell me why a vampire is chasing you?”

She jumped back at the deep baritone only a few feet from her. How the hell had he snuck up on her like that? Part of the reason she was so good at retrieval was that she never missed a damned thing—like a grown ass man coming into a room.

One dark eyebrow quirked up as he crossed his arms over the vast expanse of his chiseled chest. The gray Beatles T-shirt covering it did nothing to hide his form, something she appreciated. The sleeves barely contained the bulging muscles as he flexed. Yummy with an extra helping of caramel sauce.

He took a deep breath and froze mid-step. His nostrils flared, and he narrowed his eyes. “Who are you?” he asked.

A second later, his momentary pause forgotten, he came closer.

“You can call me Kate,” she said, resisting both the urge to back up and the need to get closer.

“I could. But I asked for your name.”

He didn’t stop until no more than a foot separated them.

Swallowing what little saliva she had left, she looked up at him. She stood five-foot-six—an extra two inches added for her boots—and he was still at least six inches taller. “Rylee,” she croaked out, shocking herself with the admission. She’d meant to say, “Kate,” hadn’t she?

“That’s better. Now, why don’t you tell me what’s going on so we can get out of here before that vampire figures out I lied and comes back to have a snack?”

Get Candy Sass Now!!

Grab your copy of Northern Sass HERE!

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