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As a kid, I always enjoyed Halloween. The spookiness, the tricks, the treats… it was been so much fun. Now that I’m not so young, and my kids are all but grown, I look for more grownup ways to enjoy the holiday!

Witches, demons, werewolves, goblins, and even angels. Other than Halloween, what do these things have in common? They’re all a part of my Deadly Whispers series.

Book one, Bump in the Night, is the story of a part-witch, part-daemon, who is going through a rough time after a failed mission. The last thing Libbie wants is to find love, but it doesn’t matter, it–and her mate–finds her.

Here’s a little sample for you, I hope you enjoy it.


Bump in the Night

Chapter 1:

“Stop looking at me like that.” Libbie threw her hairbrush onto her dresser, glaring through the mirror at the woman behind her. “I don’t care who he is, or what danger he might be in. It is none of my concern. And I don’t need the headaches.”

“But he doesn’t deserve this. He’s a good man. He was a wonderful husband. I can’t go until I see him happy again, or at least safe. Please. I have nowhere else to turn,” Jennifer whined. Her body shimmered, her form becoming hazy.

“I. Don’t. Care.” She just couldn’t do it. Not ever again.

The woman huffed, and stomped her ghostly foot, and then she was gone.

Libbie closed her eyes and sighed. Three times this week, this woman had come to her and begged for help, and all three times, she’d given her the exact same answer. What more did the woman want? For you to help her damned drunk of a husband, that’s what. But she couldn’t do it again. She wouldn’t. The memory of Pete, the last man she had tried to help, surfaced, making her insides quiver, and clench. Excess spit pooled in her mouth, and as it always did when she thought of him, bile rose to burn her throat. The entire scene played over and over in her mind, bringing every sharp, agonising detail of his death to the forefront. The remembered thud of him hitting the ground echoed in her ears, along with the evil laughter following him all the way down before he hit the ground made her recoil even now, months later. Her stomach knotted as she tried to control her reaction, but it was no use. Rushing to the washroom, she pulled her hair to the side, reaching the toilet just in time to keep from emptying her heaving stomach all over the floor.

Jordan, her boss, had offered to remove the memories of that awful night, promising not to take anything but those horrible memories away, but she had refused. There was no turning back time. Pete was dead, and had she been a better daemon, she would have been able to save him. She wasn’t, and she hadn’t. She had to live with that guilt. Washing it away like it never happened wouldn’t bring Pete back. Nothing would.

Brushing her teeth after she’d been sick was always a joy. Her gag reflex worked overtime, but she managed to get the nastiness out of her mouth. Already running late, she didn’t have time to brush her teeth three times before April got there. Why on earth had she agreed to go out? She should have made more excuses, found a good reason not to go, but her best friend had caught her in a moment of weakness. April had made great arguments, but in the end, she hadn’t given her a choice, not really. The guilt she had piled on had been enough to have Libbie agreeing to just about anything. Truth be told, Libbie hadn’t gotten out for more than work and groceries since that horrible night. She hadn’t wanted to meet with friends to have drinks, or even coffee, and they were worried. Thing was, none of them understood what being responsible for someone else’s death was like, and she hoped they never would. It sucked. Big time.

When she had tried refusing the invitation, April had come barging in and told her she was going out, and that was that. She had thrown the witch costume on the couch and told her to be ready at eight. When Libbie had been about to refuse again, April had looked at her with her eyes brimming with tears. “Please,” she had begged. “I miss my best friend. You’ve holed yourself up in this little house and never leave anymore. I’m worried about you. We all are.” And with that, Libbie had agreed.

She had no desire to be with a bunch of drunken Halloween revelers. Hell, she saw enough ghosts as it was, but as much as she hated to admit it, April was right. Libbie hadn’t been much of a friend over the past nine months. Even if she thought she could get away with digging in her heels and not going, she couldn’t stomach the thought of hurting her friend with her refusal. With a long sigh, she headed back to the bedroom and finished getting ready.

When they got there, the bar, aptly named The Witch’s Brew, was packed. It wasn’t a huge place, but, according to April, it was the place to be on Halloween night. Libbie readjusted the bustier top over her breasts with a tug, hoping to restrain the girls long enough to keep from embarrassing herself. She couldn’t even blame April for the revealing costume. She hadn’t bothered to spare it a single glance after her friend had thrown it on the couch until she was getting ready, leaving her no time to shop for another. It wasn’t that she was embarrassed by her body — if anything, she liked her curves — but she wasn’t in the market for a boyfriend, least of all the kind she was likely to find at a bar.

As soon as she walked in, she couldn’t shake the feeling that someone was watching her, but after a quick glance around, she gave up trying to figure out who it might be. Too many people, and too much noise.

“Yeah this is going to be fun.” Maybe if she was lucky, whoever it was would stay away from her and she wouldn’t have to deal with some touchy, feely guy who couldn’t take no for an answer. Or better yet, maybe she could sneak out and April wouldn’t notice she had left. She had already told her she was heading to the ladies room as soon as they got there, so she didn’t bother trying to yell at her over the loud din of the bar.

Libbie shuffled on her feet. The line for the ladies room hadn’t budged in at least five minutes. What the hell was taking so long in there? Shifting her weight, she caught a glimpse of long, flowing blond hair out of the corner of her eye. Groaning, she turned toward the wall, admiring the tacky decor, hoping against hope that Jennifer hadn’t spotted her.


Jay saw the gorgeous redhead the moment she stepped foot in the bar. Hell, he wasn’t the only one. Every other man in the room had as well. They would have had to have been blind not to notice her. When he spotted April come in right behind her, his heart accelerated and his whole body tightened. That couldn’t be the elusive Libbie. April had warned him that her friend might not show tonight, but he hoped that wasn’t the case, and that the beautiful creature who had just walked in was his date for the night. A blood red bustier pushed the mounds of her breasts up in a sexy display that had his mouth watering. The skirt hugged her curves in all the right places, then flared at the bottom. The suggestive costume left little to the imagination, making him want to growl at every man in the bar, warning them against even looking at her, much less touch her. Mate. Mine.

Jay nearly dropped his glass at his wolf’s outburst. His mate? His heart raced again, and his palms grew damp. It wasn’t that he wasn’t ready to be mated, he was, but he had given up on finding his a long time ago. After all the years of being without her, had fate finally blessed him with his mate?

Setting his Coke on the table, he sat straighter, watching as the woman veered away from where they sat, while April went alone to the bar. Damn. It didn’t matter. Just because she hadn’t come in with April didn’t mean he couldn’t introduce himself. The woman disappeared around the corner leading to the washrooms, and he fought the impulse to follow her.

He tried paying attention to his friends, but he couldn’t tear his gaze from where his mate had disappeared. He would have been oblivious to April’s approach had she not plunked a tall pink drink on the table in front of the empty spot right next to his. “She’s here.” She mouthed the words at him, then smiled wide, her hands flapping in front of her like an excited teenager. April had been trying to set him up with her friend for weeks, but each time they made plans, the woman had flaked out and not shown up. If it hadn’t been for April’s insistence that she was perfect for him, he would have told her to forget about it.

Jay took a deep breath, ready to ask her where her imaginary friend was, when a sweet scent wrapped itself around him. Snapping his head up, he spotted the redhead heading toward the bar. With furrowed brows, and a deep frown, the woman looked pissed. She stopped next to a man who was practically falling from his bar stool and tapped him on the shoulder. Maybe this beauty wasn’t April’s friend after all. Not that it mattered. As much as he’d hate to disappoint April, and his apparent date, there was no way he was leaving the bar without meeting his mate.



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  1. The cooler weather – and fall colors…kids grown up now – live in rural area so no more trick or treaters.
    We used to be “that house” that had lots of decor and scared you…. <3

  2. I love watching all the kids in their costumes.The homemade ones are the best.I wish more kids would make their costumes they come up with the greatest ideas.I love chocolate so the candy is great to.

  3. I love making caramel apples for my kids, watching cute Halloween cartoons and movies, and seeing all the lil ones in their costumes. Thank you for the chancel <3

  4. I love trick or treating with the kids… some of the adults hand out Jello shots to the parents!!! And raiding the candy bags!

  5. I love taking my son, now 8, trick-or-treating. This year he has a little arsenal of knock knock jokes to tell people. He so much fun and he loves Halloween 🙂

  6. This year I’m really enjoying how excited my youngest is about it. He was adamant that we decorate, picked out a cartoon villain for his costume (Roman Torchwick from RWBY), and is pretty excited about Trick or treating tonight. He’s growing up so quickly, I like seeing him stop for just a minute and just be a kid.

  7. Halloween is great because it’s the one day of the year when it’s acceptable to dress up the way you really want to be seen, be that as a butterfly, a sexy goddess or a zombie queen, and then pretend you’re a kid again. Despite that, my favorite part is watching my young son give out the candy to other kids; he gets so excited to make all the kids happy.

    Thanks for the book snippet, and chance to win a copy!

  8. Thank you all for taking part in the Snarkology Hop!! I hope you had a great time, I know I did!

    Since I couldn’t decide who should get the free copies of Bump in the Night, I decided that you all get it!

    Check your inboxes for the link!


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