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Even though I sell my books through various online vendors, there are some I will only sell here on my site!

The titles I have available here are either novellas, self-contained novels, or books of a series that are only available here through my store. All of my books are available in either MOBI or ePUB format.

Some authors- like myself- are taking more control over our writing careers. One way of doing that is by selling some of our books directly to our fans. I will be offering PERSONALIZED print versions of my books through my store in the near future as well as some other items I know my fans and fans of PNR will enjoy!

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Self-Contained Books / Novellas

Black Velvet

Black Velvet by Elianne Adams
With her old pack dead and buried, wolf shifter Joy Sutherland leaves her beloved Akino lands to seek refuge with the Eryma pack of Timmins.

When she discovers Warren, her new Alpha, is also a Dom with the skills to handle her, hope flares to life. But if she can’t convince the rest of the pack to accept her, she—and her wolf—could lose their mate forever.

Format: self-contained novella
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Price: $2.99US

See what others think of Black Velvet

“Great paranormal romance story with an unexpected BDSM twist. I think this is the first time that I have read a book with those two elements combined. The combination worked!” – 4 stars!
Review by Lekeisha

“This is a hot read from start to finish.” – 5 stars!
Review by Linda

“Loved this pack and hope Ms Adams is going to give us more about them in the future.” – 4 stars!
Review by L. Levy

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Deadly Whispers – Books 1 and 2

Bump in the Night (Deadly Whispers Book 1)

bump in the night by elianne adams
When Libbie McMaster gets guilted into going out on Halloween night, the last thing on her mind is finding her mate. Her self-imposed seclusion has served her well over the past nine months, keeping the ghosts, goblins, and bad memories at bay. But when she meets Jay, her whole world is turned upside down.

From the moment Libbie walked into the bar, Jay can’t keep his eyes off her. Everything about her screams one thing—his. He’s willing to give her the time she needs to get used to the idea of being mated to a werewolf, but when the creatures that lurk in the shadows threaten her, he’ll do whatever it takes to keep her safe, even if it means fighting her demons.

Format: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Price: .99 cents

See what others think of Bump in the Night

“I loved it! The best books are ones you cannot anticipate what happens next. This is one of those. This one was a great read and I highly recommend it!” – 5 stars!
Review by Karen F.

“This was a quick fantastic read, Libbie and Jay’s story will suck you in from start to finish. Their chemistry was sizzling hot their characters were well developed and the storyline flowed smoothly I definitely recommend reading you won’t be disappointed!”- 5 stars!
Review by Katie

“I will admit that I thoroughly enjoyed reading this delightful, intriguing werewolf shifter romance. I would recommend this werewolf shifter romance!” – 4 stars!
Review by Patricia

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Fallen Angels (Deadly Whispers Book 2)

fallen angel by elianne adams
It’s almost Halloween, and Megan is in trouble. After months of denying the chemistry between them, she did the unthinkable. She kissed her only friend—her protector—Nate. Now, he’s gone, and she has to face the horrors that are heading her way alone.

Being an angel isn’t easy. Nate should know. He’s been in love with Megan for years, but Megan is off limits—all humans are. And if he wants to get back into Heaven he has to resist the temptation and keep his hands off of her. Oh, and save her from the goblins, too.

Format: Novella
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Price: $2.99US

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